FACS Program of Houston pronounced /faks/, began in 2009 with one mission. To reach ninth graders identified as at risk for dropping out of school. The (TNTIG) grant provided this opportunity. Videos:


After completion in 2011, we launched as a brand and began creating an educational resource entitled FACS Youth Intervention Series (FYIS) that catered to empowering teens. Subject areas included: Decisions, Conflicts. Potential and Goals. Published through Create Space.

In 2017, the series was published with facilitator and  participant guides through Create Space. In 2019,  the Complete Four Volume set was published with with worldwide distribution KDP Amazon.


August, 2022 begins the four course launch of courses to Online learning. Shop our wonderful courses at facsprogram.com.

The Creators

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Kevin R. Price

Founder - Director


Morrell Price III

Curriculum Writer