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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

Proverb meaning. An entire community of people must engage with children for those children to grow in a safe and healthy environment. i.e.: Family; Education; Community; Business - Industry.

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Developing Critical Skills for Changed Behavior.

For today's teen and those who work with teens.

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Each One. Reach One.

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F.A.C.S. Program of Houston

At F.A.C.S., pronounced /faks/, we're committed to helping families, reach their highest academic ambitions for their teens and helping attain their goals.

Collaboration with students, parents, schools, business-industry to improve educational experiences and outcomes is Job #1.

Our belief . . .

Together, We Can Make


Using Mobile Phones

FACS Youth Intervention 

School Kids

The Journey happens swiftly.

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Four 60-90 Minute


Designed For:

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High Schools

1st Year College

Juvenile Courts

Everything your teen needs for a successful journey.

Students thrive when they’re supported by a network of adults working together to create a supportive environment.

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Providing needed resources for

the crossroads

of life.

 Decisions. Decisions.

Which Way Do I Go?

Decisions. Conflicts. Potential. Goals. "Oh My!"

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E-Learning Any time.  Any place.

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Working from Home

What Clients Say

"I enjoyed the course How to Keep People from Pushing your Buttons 100%!"

Stephanie. Houston, TX

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Get Started TODAY!

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