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To expose teens to important and easy to apply information that will assist in developing critical skills.



Students will know, understand and be able to incorporate the following information into their lives.


Making Winning Decisions

for Teens

  • Ripple effect of decisions

  • Three keys to making winning decisions

  • Five steps of the decision making cycle

  • What to do when you don't know what to do

How to Keep People from Pushing your Buttons

  • Avoid becoming emotionally hijacked by situations and people

  • Recognize your personal hot buttons

  • Restrain yourself from responding in-appropriately

  • Address conflicts with adults and peers more maturely

Connecting the DOTS that Reveal your Potential

  • Recognize your individual potential

  • Value the impact of daily opportunities to shine and grow

  • Change your future by changing your associations

  • Look for and appreciate opportunities to learn

Overcoming Failure to Launch

  • Understand the impact of dropping out of school

  • Overcome the temptations of dropping out of school

  • Develop goals and action plans

  • Prepare yourself for college or a career