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The Vision Cont.

Publication. KDP Amazon.

2019. F.A.C.S. Youth Intervention Series. Complete Four Volume Set. Facilitator & Participant Guides. Learn More

COVID. Slows Pace.


Call Signs have changed! 

July, 2022. Retirement. Mr. Price is NOW officially, FACS Program of Houston "24-7!".

E-Learning Now Available.

Dec., 2022.

FACS Youth Intervention Series courses are now online with Easygenerator. For Teens 13-19 and those who work with teens. Learn More

Jan., 2023.

Marketing the product.

A good place to start. . . "Locally and Regionally! With a real Gross Domestic Product nearing $2 trillion, Texas GDP earns Texas the ranking of ninth largest economy in the world, and second largest in the US.

July, 2023. 

National Opportunities. 

Sharing our product throughout the five education regions of the US, to families, communities, education entities, non profits, etc. 


Read more. FACS Today!

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