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Developing Critical Skills

Series posters on a teens bedroom wall, youth ministry classroom or school hallway provide opportunities to reinforce information.

For this reason we've packaged four educational series posters highlighting four major points of the series subject areas. 

Finding gold 1_4.png
Controlling Your Impulses.png
5. Don't see the Connection.png
Few can finish! 1_4.png

Package description.

Series includes (16) posters.

  • Decision Making: (4)

  • Conflict Management: (4)

  • Reaching Potential: (4)

  • Achieving Goals: (4)

Poster sizes:

  • Size A: 12 x 16 $12.00 each

  • Size B: 18 x 24 $15.00 each

  • Size C:  21 x 28 $27.00 each

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