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 Communication is the Key!

Happy Couple

Keeping communication open with parents and grandparents.

Word Find

Here's a 2-hr. bonding Idea:

Word Find | Meal | Course 

  • Choose a "Word Find" below

  • Enjoy a light meal together, then

  • Register for corresponding course


Word Find.

Click a title below downloading 3 of 4 free printable pdf's of our "Word Find" and answer keys:



Enjoy a light meal you both love while discussing topics of the word find you'd like to learn more about.


Then choose the appropriate course. SHOP

Don't forget, upon completion 


Five main health benefits of Word Find:

  • Delays memory loss and helps alleviate dementia

  • Preserves memory, cognitive function, and overall brain strength

  • Strengthens vocabulary and spelling

  • Solving as a group strengthens social bonds

  • Alleviates anxiety to improve your mood



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